Through tried and tested business strategies E.A.S.I.® Entrepreneur mentors and leads you to measured achievement and success so that your entrepreneurial opportunities soar!



Our founders bring the great value inherent in the E.A.S.I.® Entrepreneur programme.  It is our pleasure to introduce them to you following.


Pierre Fabé graduated from St. George’s Grammar School along with Jason Muller, co-founder of E.A.S.I.® Entrepreneur.  Remaining friends since then they embarked on their earliest projects relating to growing local students capacity and capability for effective learning using advanced mnemonic systems from overseas. 

Pierre continued to hone his primary skillset by also completing his hard earned Higher National Diploma (BTech degree) in Civil Engineering.  He spent another 4 years exposed to different disciplines of engineering ranging from structural steel, concrete and timber structural designing.

Thereafter he returned to the consulting fold by joining Old Mutual eventually becoming a strategic programme manager serving on the client services executive team.  He spent a great deal of time sharpening his skills on Strategy formulation and establishing relevant working plans and linking a portfolio of initiatives to company strategic drivers and thrusts.  Project Management, negotiating, facilitation and various leadership courses completed his strengths.  His valuable input spilled over into Customer Relationship Management and portfolio management for various departments, call centres and training interventions.

Leveraging his 18 years of experience and advanced skillset, Pierre embarked on his life goal of practicing his expertise as an independent business consultant.  Combining this experience Pierre authored the internationally acclaimed book called Strategy is E.A.S.I®. The book introduces the E.A.S.I® style of strategic thinking, creating an essential framework for higher performance and profits for achievers. His company, EASIbility (Pty) Ltd, is founded on these principles; demystifying business concepts and strategies, making business easier to understand and providing a structure for creative strategic formulation.

He has consulted with various companies such as short term insurance, retail, and financial services such as City of Cape Town, Old Mutual, Pick ‘n Pay, Santam, Sanlam, MMI International, Microsoft, Western Cape Government, TSiBA Education, University of Stellenbosch Business School, ICDL, Communiversity, and NICO Life (Malawi) to name but a few.

Pierre is a passionate speaker in high demand for his enlightening and practical discourses on the E.A.S.I.® style, strategic thinking and the development of an entrepreneurial mind-set. His key-note addresses are constantly requested wherever entrepreneurial and leadership activity is advocated, especially at universities, schools and small business gatherings, where he has made a remarkable impact. 

Recently Pierre has been focused on the growing unemployment using his training and skillset to make a difference.  It was during this time that Pierre has brought huge value through his book and strategy skills training to merge it with Jason’s strengths to create a company for change that can appeal directly to the masses and government.

Pierre is married to Paula and currently enjoys his time as dad to their one child.



Jason Muller graduated from St. George’s Grammar School along with Pierre Fabé, co-founder of E.A.S.I.® Entrepreneur.  After Jason completed national service in the South African Navy and travelling to interesting international destinations he focused his efforts fully on his love for sales and marketing, signing up for the acclaimed Institute of Marketing Management (I.M.M.) course.  His other love was education and skills development and he was actively involved with various youth groups imparting information and skills through direct mentoring and tutoring.

An entrepreneur from the beginning, Jason established his first company as a registered agency to Study Methods International and Foundation for Learning.  These advanced products directly improved the lives of students and scholars and helped in the areas of speed reading, learning skills and cutting edge mnemonic systems from overseas.  Jason’s company broke all local records and established fantastic records of success.

With the advent of computers becoming prevalent in businesses and homes, new opportunities opened up in the learning and development space.  People all over needed to learn computers urgently.  Jason saw the opportunity and invested into New Horizons Computer Learning Centres franchise as they launched in South Africa.  This radically aggressive marketing and education focused company taught him the skills of the overseas American market which was at least 20 years ahead of South Africa.

Within a few years Jason decided to establish his own company without the constraints of franchise rules and regulations preventing the marketing of certain products.  A new company, Dynamix was borne, and within a tenure of 18 years, became a considerable force as a tier one training partner to corporate and consumers within South Africa and beyond. 

Through Jason’s strong command and knowledge of every part of the business he acquired the CompTIA Gold Partner and Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for Learning Solutions amongst many others.  Also becoming knowledgeable on the South African (from British and Australian descent) National Qualifications System (SAQA, SETA et al) he became a full Assessor, Moderator and Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) achieving full accreditation status for the company.

Jason diversified from a company starting out training Microsoft Office (Lotus Smartsuite and WordPerfect Suite) to included high in-demand technical training such as Microsoft Certifications (MCP, MCSE, MCSA, MCSD etc.), CompTIA A+, Network+ and similar.  Later a full suite of soft skills products ranging from anything Time Management, Project Management, Change Management and over one hundred similar classes were offered.

Jason held roles as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) delivering and creating hundreds of classes during his tenure.  He also built the entire sales and marketing system for the business creating a highly successful and unique system. 

Having an unusual spread of skills he also managed the entire businesses IT systems that included a full Microsoft domain ecosystem that included 15 Microsoft servers such as Windows, Exchange, SQL, Lync, SharePoint Server and more.  This included his own-built Customer Relationship Management system that managed the entire business.  In 20 years his companies have taken over one million bookings totalling over R300 million.

After searching for a buyout on his company this was concluded in December of 2014.  Jason then completed what had started years before by fully immersing himself in digital marketing and digital learning.  Effectively this was the next best thing using the power of the internet to reach more people faster and cheaper getting education into the hands of those who needed it the most.

He still had unfulfilled dreams of changing the world through education and skills development.  Taking the knowledge learned through many hundreds of Internships and Learnerships under his direction, Jason learned a lot about the successes and failures and the sad reality of the vast amount of red tape within the systems.  Building new online distance learning education systems he now has product sets that can reach anybody that can get onto the internet. 

Reconnecting with Pierre has re-sparked the great collaboration efforts and they both now have a single common cause to find solutions to an ever growing unemployment rate through growing entrepreneurs!

Jason is married to Lisé and enjoys his time as dad to his daughter and son.